Swiss firing method

With the Swiss method you are supposed to light the fire from above. This way you ensure that you get (almost) complete combustion from the start. This way you prevent smoke nuisance and emissions are greatly reduced.

the Swiss lighting method in 5 steps

  1. Stack the pieces of wood from thick to thin, at a small distance from each other, crosswise. Always leave some space so that air can pass through more easily.
  2. On top of this, stack some kindling crosswise. And at the very top, place 3 firelighters next to each other.
  3. Light the firelighters. DO NOT use newspapers or paper!
  4. The fire will slowly move down and ignite the large blocks at the bottom of the pile until you see a beautiful display of flames.
  5. Only place new logs on the fire when the fire is hot (this is when the logs show an orange/red glow).


Do not leave the stove outside of the fire pit.

Weld the ashes to cool fully before throwing them into the ash container!