Information for your stay – tiny house DeLuxe

Everything you need to know for a relaxing stay.

disconnect to reconnect

Tiny House DeLuxe is aimed at a low-stimulus and relaxing stay. With plenty of time and space for a good conversation, a book or just nothing. That’s why the DeLuxe has no WiFi and no TV. Exactly, you are undergoing a digital detox here. It may take some getting used to, but hey… experience how nice it is to be completely offline every now and then.

P.S. no stress, your own 4/5G signal will work here.

Your Bike

Park your bicycle during the day against the bicycle gate and not against the facade of the Tiny House.

Your bike (charge and) spend the night safely in the Tiny Bike House. Is that why you always lock the door? You will find the key on the key ring.

The Sliding Door

Operate the crank with 1 hand. The facade first tilts inward (ventilation position), press the lever and the facade slides open further. You close it in reverse order, the facade hooks itself into place at the bottom. Don’t force anything!


Cushions for the outdoor sun loungers are in the meter cupboard. You will find a fleece blanket and hammock in the basket under the sink.

Please get everything in for the night! When you leave, put the hammock dry back in the storage bag.


Place used towels in the yellow-striped laundry bag. Think about the environment and use your towel sparingly.

Please remove the bed linen upon departure. Put everything in one pillowcase and place it next to the bed. Thank you!


The cutlery drawer is hidden in the top drawer next to the oven.

Do the dishes before you go. Unload the dishwasher and put everything back in the kitchen cabinets clean. Also check the refrigerator and freezer for forgotten groceries.


Our recycling center is next to the Tiny Bike House. Bring and sort your waste here. We separate glass, paper and vegetables/fruit/bread. Everything else can be thrown into the residual waste, including plastic: this is sorted and separated at the factory. You can leave deposit bottles and cans that you do not return yourself in the glass container.

Prevent fire and always deposit ash from the wood stove in the gray, steel ashtray and never in the container.


This Tiny House is fully supplied with sustainably generated electricity from our own solar panels.
The electric heaters are easy to operate with the accompanying remote control. Be energy conscious. Do not leave heaters and lights on unnecessarily.

Fresh Air

This Tiny House has automatic mechanical ventilation. Make sure that a grille or window is always open so that clean air can enter.

Outdoor stove – Kaggel

Enjoy the warmth and adventurous outdoor cooking with our wood Kaggel. Bake fresh bread or a delicious pizza. Use of our wood is included in your stay. Kindling wood and other materials can be found in the Tiny Bike House.

Always light a fire using the Swiss combustion method to prevent strong smoke development. More pleasant for you and better for your environment!


Enjoy a trip on the Morra: a beautiful small Frisian lake within walking distance. In the marina of Galamadammen (1 km) there are 2 canoes from Bij de Geesterij on the trestle, which you can use for free during your stay. Please note: reservations are not possible.

NB. Read this information before you start paddling!

Check Out

Gather your own belongings, clean up and leave the tiny house no later than 10:30 AM.

Leave the key on the table. Take your waste to the recycling center in the correct containers.

If you used the luggage cart, return it to the Tiny Bike House.

NB. For departures on Sunday, a late check-out is included: no later than 5:00 PM.

We’d love to see you again!

Important phone numbers

In case of EMERGENCY, call immediately: 112

General practitioner Koudum +31 514 52 2100

Doctor’s Guard Friesland (medical assistance after 5:00 PM) +31 900 1127112

Dentist Koudum +31 514 52 2424

Workum Pharmacy +31 515 54 1591